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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

today's buzz...

the best part of my *job*!

there is nothing sweeter than seeing my work in a nursery. it literally moves me to tears.

and what makes it even more amazing is that moment you really connect with a client and they are kind enough to send you pictures such as these.

truly, nothing sweeter.


couldn't help but share...like a proud momma, as my painting are my *babies*. :)

Monday, April 14, 2014

today's buzz...

11x14 acrylic on canvas

meet the beautiful brunette mermaid, Gwen...and her adoring seahorse companion, Finn. it appears after all that *sea* searching, she's finally found her *sea*mate. ;)

this was a custom painting i finished up last week for a sweet baby girl named...Gwen. can't wait for her to receive it and hang it in her nursery! so, off to Illinois she went today.


*who wouldn't want to be loved by such a super cute little seahorse...;)*

p.s.~if you would like a custom painting for your little one(s) or someone special's little one(s), please email me at enchantedeasel@yahoo.com and i would be more than happy to accommodate you!

Monday, April 7, 2014

today's buzz....

©the enchanted easel 2014
nothing like a little seahorse love. :)

on the easel this week, a custom painting for a mermaid loving little girl.

i "heart" custom work!

©the enchanted easel 2014

©the enchanted easel 2014

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

today's buzz...

sweet butterflies and gingham for a baby girl named Mia.

happy to have been able to complete this custom order for a friend form high school. always flattering when friends come to you for custom art work, because they know they can trust you with something so personal and unique. lots of purple going on here...

shipping these out on friday...yes, black friday. that's makes either a) a complete idiot or b) a very brave little girl or c) a combo of both. i'll take option c! )

Monday, November 18, 2013

today's buzz...

custom panels for a baby girl named Mia! 

oh how i LOVE doing custom work. especially for babies :)

below are the sketches and color palette i will be using. the theme-butterflies and gingham....in purple. the letters will be much thicker on the finished panels, but you get the point...

can't wait to get started on these! :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

today's buzz...

meet little eli.....
eli's slumberland
©the enchanted easel 2013
napping ever so peacefully in his little "slumberland".

well, for all of you who follow me on facebook (or on here), you know i have been working on this cute little elephant over the last 4 days. it was a surprise gift for the wonderful secretary in my neurosurgeon's office, jackie, who is about to pop soon! these people have been so amazing to me through 3 neck surgeries/cervical spine/fusions that there was just NO way i could let it go without doing something. jackie has always been so lovely to me over the years that it was a no-brainer for me to want to paint her something super cute for the impending arrival of her little one. 

since she's waiting until the baby is born to know whether it will be a little girl or boy, i wanted to make sure that i created/designed something gender friendly. also, it turns out, jackie LOVES elephants (like me). so, it couldn't have turned out any better. 

i delivered it to her personally today and she was so surprised. her reaction made the rest of my 2013 for sure. granted, i'm a bit sore from painting so much for so many days in a row (as i'm still trying to recover fully here from my 3rd surgery) but i have to say, her reaction made the soreness worthwhile.

i have decided to sell PRINTS of this in my etsy shop found here:
it is available in sizes 6x6 or 8x8. a perfect addition for any baby boy/girl's nursery. besides, who could resist a cute little baby elephant...in a diaper? ;)

be sure to check out my blog for pics of this cutie in progress...